I had to move beyond my story, I found that I needed to learn to love myself, love my stories, and see all of my stories as the true gifts they are. But how was I going to do that? God, my Jesus Team, and the angels were going to show me the way, a way to embrace those ‘dark places’ in my life. To embrace the hurt to become my healed self, love myself back to wholeness, and start a new relationship with The Divine.
This is my truth

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Awaken to your-Self!

These books are a philosophy designed to assist you with remembering and strengthening your connection with the Divine. 
“What you are is Spirit incarnate. Who you are is the facade you pretend to be. Embrace the What and you will understand the Who.”
Peace and Angel Blessings,


This is the final book in the Daily Guidance from Spirit series.  This Divinely guided trilogy is designed to assist you with a more Simple Art of Being, learn to Embrace Your Angelic Perfection, and to live like The Awakened Angel that you are. 

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Delicious and fun these words are meant to inspire you to be the best you, you can be!
Simple yet powerful. Open your heart and open your mind to these beautiful words of encouragement and inspiration.

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In book 2 of this series my wish for you is to better understand Universal Principles and what you truly are through my thought process. The first book opened your heart and mind while learning a more “Simple Art of Being”. The intention of this book is that you learn to feed your mind well, release the fears of what you believe you are seeing and Embrace Your Angelic Perfection.
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It is my wish to inspire your future through the simplicity and innovation of these 133 messages, using my intuition to teach and serve as we learn to color outside the lines. Some say into every life a little rain may fall. I say see the sunshine through the illusion of your rain. It is your choice. Through my journey, I have come to realize that the only one that had been judging if I was good enough to be a Woman of God was myself. How liberating once I had turned the key and released the chains of the fear-based programming from many generations before me. My wish for you is that this book will assist you in turning your key. Give up someone else’s dream and start living your own

Buy now at my Createspace store . If you prefer you can go to either of these links Amazon or Amazon Kindle



This book provides so much insight and guidance! It is beautifully written and has messages for everyone! A must have book! It’s a wonderful tool for daily living and a perfect gift for the special people in your life! “   Melissa Bradley Wang
” This book is amazing, Use it daily to guide you or pick it up randomly when you need it. The messages that you need will always be there. This book inspires, guides and motivates you to be the best person you can truly be. It is thought provoking and reaches you to your inner most essence. It is a must have for your book shelf. It is a must have for your spirit to soar. ‘    Hollie
Truly Inspirational!  While this book is joyfully simplistic in it’s delivery, the messages within are profound. Some pages I have read again and again, receiving a new message each time! I love books like this, it’s light enough to be fun, but deep enough to provoke your mind. This one’s a keeper, definitely staying on my bookshelf for a long time!  R. Brummett
“My Father’s house has many mansions. I can show you the hallways, you choose the doors you wish to open.”
All sentient beings are on a path of Divine service. How you serve is your choice.
Can you feel the winds of change blowing about you? Peeling away the veils of emotional patterns will bring about transformation at soul level. Shedding what no longer serves enables you to gain the clarity you seek.
You are always guided by Love and Light to what some call enlightenment or personal ascension.


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