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I know that many of you who have followed my spiritual journey over the past decade have read or heard about the many ways I speak or write about in which God/Spirit is speaking to us all the time.  You also know that I have a very non-traditional relationship with Jesus. I’m unsure why I didn’t share this story when it happened, but here it is now. This happened a week or so ago. I was talking to God about the relationship I have with Jesus, how I feel it’s stronger than it ever was (on my end anyhow, was always strong on the other end).  How I didn’t have to call myself or be a christian to love Jesus and know of his awesomeness in so many ways. No doubt about it, I’m on “The Jesus Team”. But I guess as I was talking (in my mind) with God about this I was still looking for that sign or approval that I’m on the ‘right’ track and did I ever get the sign.  Keep following along.  My hubby and I were on the way to the park for our morning run.  I had finished up this particular conversation with God when the sign came.  We were already in the vehicle going along through our neighborhood and I needed to turn my mobile data on, I use Wi-Fi when I am at home and keep the mobile data off.  I picked up my phone, unlocked it, and instantly my oh so smartphone started searching for a Wi-Fi hot spot to grab. We were already too far away from our house so it didn’t automatically connect to that.  Instead the first available Wi-Fi connection it found was named “Jesus Saves”.  I took that as my sign and smiled. We went onto the park and on our way home I tried to see if I could see that connection again, I didn’t, and that’s perfectly fine.  I had my sign earlier.  I have to tell you being on “The Jesus Team” rocks!  Glad I could put down the religious dogma and just Love Jesus!  If you haven’t had the opportunity or thought that because you were of a different belief system that you couldn’t have a relationship with Jesus, well think again. Invite him into your life, your heart, invoke his loving and healing energy into your daily life. Then start talking to Jesus like he is your friend and confidant.  You too can be on “The Jesus Team” ….  This team has a perfect record EmojiEmoji Emoji

Much Love and Many Blessings on Your Journey
~ Suziangel224 ~ D.O.G. ~



Last week each day on Facebook I listed one of “7 Things You Might Not Know About Me” after hearing about this process through a friends podcast.  It was another soul cleansing and healing.  I thought I would bring them all together here in this blog. I invite you to play along if you wish, maybe on your own Facebook wall or your favorite forum.   

#1~ I am a survivor. I pretend to be less emotional than I really am. I feel deeply and in order to survive I learned some great coping mechanisms.
What a true blessing this is!
#2 ~ I am not Christian. “What, What you say? But your writings, your posts?” I left the church long ago to ‘find’ God and what I found was that I didn’t need religion to do that. I have a bond that can be undone by no one, including myself. I also have a better and stronger relationship with my brother Jesus, more genuine, more caring, more significant than before too. Some will ‘dump’ me as a friend for saying this and others will ’embrace’ me, whatever, your opinion of me no longer concerns me. I remember going by a local church, yes a Christian one, that had this statement on their outdoor sign: “GOD IS BIGGER THAN ANY ONE RELIGION”
#3 ~ I don’t have many friends. I do have acquaintance’s, a handful of semi-close friends, and even less that let I allow close to my core. It feels safer keeping most people at a distance.
#4 ~ My self-confidence is not as high as it seems. I usually have it in my mind that I can do anything until someone else shoots that down or people will tell me they are behind me 100% then they snatch that support out from underneath me, once again leaving my self-confidence shot down. I start out most things with a very high level of confidence (call me naive if you will) and some of the time it takes a turn south. However, I have found that I have a bigger support system than a lack of support system, it’s just that sometimes I see the lack system easier than the true abundance system.
#5 ~ I am rather naive. I can have the naivete of a child. My first response is to take someone at their word, believing and trusting them. I remember when a gentleman came to the back door of my salon back up north. He said he needed gas money to get home. Without hesitation I went and got him some money, it was a $10 bill. I said that was all the cash I had on me. He said Thank you, I said goodbye. Was it a scam? Could have been, but my first reaction was to believe him. This could also be why I am not so good with jokes or sarcasm, I believe your words. However, I am finally calling people out when I catch them lying to me and getting better at jokes. Sarcasm I can do without!
#6 ~ I do NOT like NOT being ‘good’ at something (a double negative? Those 2 negatives cancel each other out, all back to balance, te he). I am fairly ‘good’ at most things I start and I start at a lot of things. It’s kind of like I better be fairly ‘good’ at ‘it’ right from the start, if I’m not ‘good’ at ‘it’ or ‘it’ takes to much practice to be ‘good’ or proficient I lose interest and go onto something else. Not that I mind hard work, because I will work hard, very hard for or on something I am ‘good’ at and give it my all. Fortunately most things come easily to or for me. I’ve also found the better I am at ‘it’, the more joy ‘it’ brings me even it I had to work hard!
#7 ~  I’ve not always been honest, I was afraid to be. Well let me be real honest, at first I didn’t know who me was, I was afraid to be honest with you or myself. Why? Less because you might judge me, although at one time that did play into it, but more because there were somethings about me that I just plain didn’t like. Then I began to embrace all the aspects of me, the LIGHT places as well as the DARK places. I have come to understand that everyone of those LIGHT and DARK places shaped me into who I am today. Honestly the last 7 days of bringing out the 7 things you might not know about me have also helped complete a healing process I have been under going for the past couple of months. Some call it layers of the onion, I call it a blossoming of me, more petals of myself. The outer petals fall way first until the core of the flower is exposed. 
Thank you for under going this part of my journey with me. My given name is Suzanne – Suzanne means The Lily and I am in blossom!
~ Suziangel224~ D.O.G. ~ 


food and angel 008I’ve just finished an amazing yet challenging 28 day healing.  A healing of my wounded soul. A lot of ‘stuff’ buried so deep inside I had forgotten that I had placed this ‘stuff’ anywhere, until one day my coping mechanism just stopped working. ‘Stuff’ I thought I had healed, but alas, there were more petals of this Lily that were needing to open if I were to bloom more fully.  This healing process involved prayer, meditation, journaling, reflection, forgiveness, tears, surrender, courage, energy healing sessions, talking, listening, and letting go, not necessarily in that order either, and understanding that even in the midst of the chaos there was beauty in the Divine Order of it all, a Master Plan to which I acquiesce.

Thank you God/Spirit/Source

~ Suziangel224 ~ D.O.G. ~




I LOVE to play the game BIBLE VERSE ORACLE, using this when I see double digits or repeating number, it’s all rather fun. I like to play this as it brings in the feeling of communing with God/Spirit/Source directly without all the religious dogma. You might want to give it a go sometime and see what messages are given to you. This morning as I sat down to eat it was 6:11. I said my blessing over my food. Goes something like this:
“Oh Holy God, may the gifts of this day nourish and bless my spirit, my soul, my mind and my body. All in service to you God, all in service to YOU. Thank you for your blessings, I am graced by your love. Amen Hallelujah, all gifts come from above.”
I finished eating and then looked up the bible verse. There were many 6:11 that stood out for me, one gave me a good smile. Matthew 6:11-“Give us this day our daily bread,” Oh and a lot more simple that the elongated prayer I’ve been saying, K.I.S.S. Keep it simple Suzi! How funny that was the time I was getting ready to chow.

Thank You God!

~ Suziangel224 ~ D.O.G. ~