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February 14 2014 from Samsung 339

Sometimes in our pain or disappointments we can’t see that God has a better plan for us.  Even when you have been surround with God’s Holy Light, it is YOU who must reach for the light, if even with only your mind.
~ Suziangel224 ~ D.O.G. ~


Many of you know I have recently taken up running. Let me explain to you a little about my neighborhood runs. THERE ARE HILLS! You see the neighborhood in which I live has some soft rolling hills with a couple more challenging than others. The last few runs the hills have been kicking my behind, so I had chosen to fast walk up the hills. This morning though a new idea “popped’ into my mind. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Yep that’s the cadence that I would chant, my new mantra, as I only watched the ground my feet were about to land on instead of watching the hill I was about to be running up. WOW, it worked. I got through every hill that I ran. By simply being right there right then and only looking at where I was. Now I do use that ‘being in the now’ in so many things I do, however now I have an even greater understanding of how else right here right now can be utilized in other ways.
Remember, knowledge + experience = understanding. Oh lookie there, another message! 😉
So cheers to your RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW moments! May you find the blessing in them all.
Much Love and Many Blessings
Suzi Hendricks

The Silent Prayer of An Awakened Mother

The Silent Prayer of An Awakened Mother

Holy Spirit I understand the Divine Order of the Universe and know that all beings are in the Holy Hands of THE CREATOR. I ask for no special favors because I understand that every being must follow their own heart, and cross their own bridges, just as I must follow and cross my own. I simply seek Love and Grace for myself to always remain unshaken and undaunted by the choices other’s make as I have chosen to be a Holy Messenger of THE ONE.

Always in Loving Service to the Highest Good