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How quick I was to discredit myself!  Why am I acting like such a big baby?

My friend, co-work, and the lady who owns the salon I work at, Lisa, had a client in her chair today who is a literature teacher at our local college.  Lisa told her I am a writer and had published several books.  “What kind of books do you write? Have you ever taken any writing classes” the teacher asked. “I write spiritual stuff, I just play around, I’ve written a book of poetry. I write blogs too.” I added as I stumbled across my words. The teacher then asked me if I have many followers. YIKES! Crap don’t ask me that! (inner critic, inner critic) “No, not many I said, around 600 on my public profile page on Facebook and around 150 from my website.”  I scurried away shortly after that, right into the back room to fold some towels, salons almost always have towels to fold.  I didn’t want her to ask me too many more questions about my writings, I was feeling pretty intimidated, after all she is a literature teacher and I’m just a playing around writer, although I consider myself a channel for Divine words that happen to end up in book form. But as I stood in the back room folding the towels I realized I ran away out of fear. 
I soon came back out and thanked Lisa for bringing up that writer thingy and explained to both of them I learned another something about myself, I learned that I was pretty quick to discredit my writings. Mostly in my mind because I don’t think of myself similar to other writers.  Some kind words from Lisa followed. Then her client asked me if had ever thought of joining a writers group, someplace where other writers could or would critique each others writing.  NO! Fear ran through my veins again! What? People critique my writings.  Ummmm, I don’t think I can do that. I’ve heard of some brutal experience people have had with that kind of stuff. I did go on to read her one of my poems, she said “Oh you’re a rhyming poet. Have you ever thought of putting them into song form?” Then I forced the her to listen to the very first poem I put to song, that I actually sang and put on YouTube.  She gave me a few critiques, gentle I might add, and guess what, I survived.   
I’ll continue to explore this, to see where it may lead.  Me and my inner critic have some stuff to work on I see.
~ Suziangel224 ~ D.O.G. ~  



Sometimes not knowing what’s ahead is part of the fun, adventure, and enjoyment of the journey, yet, you’re always pointed in the ‘right’ direction!

~ Suziangel224 ~ D.O.G. ~


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I admit it!  I admit it!  I had gotten hung up on the ‘Find Your Purpose’ theme. I had felt for several years now that I needed to find my ‘Life Purpose’! I would feel like I was guided to do this or guided to do that, I was sure I was following my guidance, and then things wouldn’t pan out. Even the help of well intentioned family and friends would seem to miss that newly acquired target.  At the start things would fall into place so easily so I just knew this thing or that thing was my purpose. I could feel the excitement build, then kabammy like a whammy! Nothing, nada! OH GOD HOW COULD THIS BE! I wanted something grand, something bigger than grand, I wanted to leave a lasting impression on humanity. I wanted to do really important work! 

Then I had this ah ha moment, the “I should have had a V-8”, the light bulb over the head.  “Help As Needed!” What? It’s that simple? That felt so relaxing, no more pressure that I needed to ‘find my purpose’.  My ‘purpose’ found me and finds many ways to inspire and uplift humanity, opportunities almost everyday.  Anyone can be of help to someone else, just takes is an open heart. 

~ Suziangel224 ~ D.O.G. ~ 


Yesterday my sister Karen turned me onto a youtube video, Channeling Erik.  A clairvoyant named Jamie Butler channels Erik Medus. Erik had committed suicide in 2009 and his mother, a doctor who has also written a book about this, asks questions of Erik through Jamie about a number of different subjects.  I listened to the first one that my sister had recommended, then was drawn to one entitled Jesus: The Afterlife Interview by Medium, here’s a link, you can judge for yourself.  I have to say I was intrigued to say the least.  Let’s fast forward to this morning.  I was getting ready to leave the park after my morning run to come back home and called my sister before pulling out of the parking lot, yes I had my headset on for the drive home, hands free is the way for me.  She said she couldn’t talk because she was listening to more youtube videos of Channeling Erik and she would call me back.  “No problem” I said. Then on the rest of the drive my mind started to wander, as well as wonder.  I asked in my mind if this was really her, the clairvoyant Jamie Butler, if it was her beliefs or if it was indeed Jesus.  As soon as the question left my mind I rounded a slight hill with a curve.  There was my answer in big bold letters on a billboard ‘JESUS’.  If I hadn’t been driving I’d have said I was floored, but instead I was tickled by how Spirit had shown me the answer, right up there on that billboard. My sign was on the sign!  Indeed it’s Jesus. Much of what was revealed was confirmation for me, however I hope that your mind and heart will be open, maybe you will see Jesus in a new “LIGHT”.  

Grace be with you on your journey
~ Suziangel224 ~ D.O.G. ~